Career paths

Regardless of the specific nature of the department, we guarantee a clear path of professional development. What is important is that the competences of our advisors and auditors are developed in a harmonious way based on participation in joint inter-departmental and international projects, which guarantees a continuous improvement of interdisciplinary knowledge, allowing for the acquisition of unique skills and experience.

4th and 5th year students and graduates may get their first professional experience at Baker Tilly TPA. At this stage of professional development, the most important qualities for us are passion, creativity and commitment. From our trainees, we expect good theoretical preparation resulting from their studies, as well as command of English at an advanced level. Additionally, advanced command of German is recommended. Trainees participate in responsible and creative projects from the very beginning and may always count on the support of their more senior colleagues while performing their tasks. Knowledge sharing is part of our company’s organizational culture and one of the foundations of its dynamic development.

Consultant, Assistant
Such positions are usually taken by persons who have been promoted after training in Baker Tilly TPA, as well as persons who have already gained their first professional experience in another company in similar positions. This position guarantees participation in interesting projects as well as numerous training courses to improve one’s knowledge and skills. Mentor support is always available when working on projects.

Consultant/Senior Consultant, Supervisor
This position is dedicated to people with several years of experience, who are distinguished by their competencies, knowledge and professional experience, as well as skills related to team management, teamwork, as well as a great deal of expertise and independence in running projects for our Clients. The task of those employees is to coordinate the work of the project team and participate in numerous training sessions.

Manager, Senior Manager
This position is taken by persons with extensive professional experience, expert knowledge and highly developed management skills. Managers manage larger teams and several projects at the same time. They are also in constant contact with our customers. For this group of employees we run a special development program in cooperation with one of the best training companies. We also help them to develop sales competence.

A director often holds the function of the head of the given office, which means that he or she is responsible for it in each aspect of its operation: sales, administration, management, etc. They are people with very extensive professional and substantive experience, as well as large portfolios of regular clients. This group also works on particularly complex projects. This is the last level of career before becoming a Partner in the company.

Partners are responsible for their departments and offices in every respect. They are responsible for the people they manage, their recruitment and development. They are also responsible for sales, administrative and personnel budgets. Their tasks also include acquiring new customers and maintaining relations with existing ones. They also represent the company in external relations by participating in conferences, discussion panels and debates. They are also involved in developing the company’s strategy and maintaining international relations.


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