Organizational culture

Stable growth based on the values underpinning our business, which we have consistently referred to from the very beginning of our existence, is our foundation.

This allows us to conduct our business in line with a sound, consistent and universal mission, vision and values, drawing on the best traditions of the advisory and auditing profession and our international experience.

This is how we managed to create a stable, continuously developing organization with well-established values common to all, which are easy to identify with for successive generations.

And even though numbers alone are not the measure of success, our results are an indicator of how far we have come – based on our track record and on the experience of our long-standing customers.  Therefore, in our daily work:

  • We lead by example
  • We emphasize the quality of our work and honesty
  • We believe in open and honest communication
  • We foster teamwork and friendly collaboration
  • We act ethically on the basis of internal rules and procedures
  • We maintain a friendly working environment in which our employees can flourish.


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