Working with us

International quality of audit and business consulting

We are a member of the international consulting group TPA and the global network Baker Tilly International, which allows us to combine top quality services with international experience and best regional market practices.

In Poland, we have been involved in projects in the field of audit and business advisory since 2005.

We have acquired experience working on projects as part of the TPA Group network, which is present in 12 countries of Central and Southeastern Europe, and Baker Tilly International, employing nearly 38,000 experts in 148 countries.

Being a member of two robust business networks means not only an international reach, but above all it guarantees the highest and uniform standards. Our employees have access to specialist knowledge, unique projects and enjoy the prestige of working in a global organization.

This allows us to offer a stable job in which it is possible to gain knowledge, new skills and experience necessary both at the beginning of one’s career (students, graduates) and for those already present in the market (experts pursuing their careers).

An undeniable advantage of working with our team is the possibility to participate in interesting projects, often of international scope, as well as the opportunity to acquire knowledge from people with many years of experience and unique knowledge and skills.


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