Fraud risk management

Unethical employee behavior, disputes with clients and suppliers, unfair practices and fraud are problems each company may face. Baker Tilly TPA experts provide assistance in preventing and detecting economic and financial fraud risk and ensure tailored solutions in situations when such fraud occurs.

Business Advisory Team of Baker Tilly TPA offers professional support in the following areas:

Fraud investigation (forensic audit)

  • Conducting investigations relating to suspected fraudulent activities, employee or customer dishonesty.
  • Examining financial documents and source documentation for falsified financial data or asset misappropriation.
  • Conducting investigations concerning fraud associated with insolvency and bankruptcy.
  • Verification of financial results reported by related entities for financial data manipulation.

Fraud Risk Management

  • Creating fraud prevention strategy and support, aimed at developing fraud prevention structures.
  • Reviews and irregularities detection.

Investigation IT

  • Restoring financial system databases back to their historical status in search of fraud evidence.
  • Analyzing evidence in order to identify information valuable for investigation or dispute.


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