Global Dealmakers. Asia-Pacific market update 2020

We encourage you to read the cyclical publication by our network Baker Tilly International – Global Dealmakers. This time we are dealing with the moods and predictions on the transaction market in the Asia-Pacific region.

Global M&A is in decline as the effects of COVID-19 continue to be felt across the global economy. However, Asia-Pacific offers a glimmer of hope and opportunity for corporations and private investors.

Following up from North American research in August 2020, Baker Tilly experts have returned to the market and asked questions about investment intentions and views on M&A in Asia Pacific.

First to feel the pains of COVID-19, Asia-Pacific may be one of the first regions to rebound in a post-pandemic world. Such is the sentiment among dealmakers where more than half say Asia-Pacific’s economic recovery will come sooner and swifter than in North America and Europe. Large numbers also say that Asia-Pacific has better M&A opportunities than other regions and that they will be increasing investment there in the year ahead.

Key findings from the report “Global Dealmakers. Asia-Pacific M&A market update 2020” include:

  • 37% of dealmakers say they will increase investments into Asia-Pacific in the year ahead
  • 58% say Asia-Pacific will have a quicker economic recovery than North America and Europe
  • 90% say Southeast Asia has the most M&A opportunities within Asia-Pacific
  • 43% say matters of national security will impact or interrupt potential deals in the year ahead
  • Australia and India also rank as top markets for M&A, according to 63% of respondents.

The report explores the current challenges shaping the Asia Pacific M&A market in addition to the main drivers behind cross-border deals and key markets where opportunities can be found.

Feel free to download the full report in PDF.

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