The “Onshore wind energy in Poland” report

The “Onshore wind energy in Poland” report is a compendium of knowledge on the wind energy sector in Poland in 2021.

As Krzysztof Horodko points out: “We are back with the periodical publication of the wind energy report. After years of stagnation, renewable energy, including wind power, has returned twice as strong. In the short time since investors were still counting losses and figuring out how to restructure financing, the sector has become a field of fierce competition for projects among both developers and investors. This is fostered by a number of factors. The most important ones include: the introduction of an auction model ensuring stable cash-flow and the growing popularity of PPA models; the orientation of the world’s largest economies (including the EU) towards zero-emission goals and the popularity of ESG, the increase in CO2 emission allowance prices, as well as extremely low interest rates, and the development of technology. In our report, we look at onshore wind energy. We discuss outlooks, look at legal, financial and other aspects. Enjoy the reading.”

The report was prepared by experts from TPA Poland and Baker Tilly TPA, the Polish Wind Energy Association (PSEW) and the DWF Poland law firm, who outline the prospects for the sector’s development, as well as point to new business opportunities opening up.

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