Post-merger integration

One of the crucial stages a merger is the integration stage. Decision-makers are generally aware of the importance of this stage but nonetheless it is often neglected in practice. Our services and project management methodologies enable our clients to meet all the challenges following the merger.

We ensure efficient continuation of operating activity by providing assistance in the following processes:

  • Analyzing and evaluating the level of integration of merged companies
  • Integrating the finance & accounting functions, including unification of charts of accounts, accounting policies and internal implementation procedures
  • Integrating the enterprise management functions and processes, including management and control tools as well as IT systems
  • Unifying plans and budgets, developing a uniform strategic plan and business plan, financial modeling for the merged organization
  • Monitoring financial and operating effectiveness following the merger.

Additionally, we offer monitoring of financial objectives following the merger or restructuring, which includes:

  • Auditing the market, operating and financial standing of the company
  • Developing and implementing the restructuring plan
  • Cash flow optimisation
  • Developing proposals of operating improvements and cost-saving solutions
  • Consulting with regard to enterprise capital structure.


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