Consulting services for listed companies

We focus on knowledge and good understanding of the environment in which our Clients operate to assist them in achieving success and developing management processes. In our work we identify and inform our Clients of all risks and material irregularities found. At the same time, we propose changes to solve the problem.

As a member of Baker Tilly International, one of the world’s top 10 business consulting and auditing companies, and of the TPA advisory group, we combine top quality auditing services with international experience and best regional market practices.

Being a member of two robust business networks allows us not only to take advantage of a huge scale of activity and international reach, but above all is a guarantee of the highest and uniform professional standards offered to our clients.

Financial Audit

The offer of financial audit services for companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange includes:

  • Semi-annual reviews and audits of annual consolidated and separate financial statements of listed companies and holding companies drawn up in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Audits and reviews of financial statements prepared in accordance with international standards (HB II, US GAAP), and the Polish Accounting Act
  • Support in the preparation of individual and consolidated financial statements in accordance with IFRS, including the transition to IFRS (first time adoption)
  • Adjustment of financial statements prepared in accordance with the Polish Accounting Act to meet international standards (e.g. HB II, IFRS, US GAAP)
  • Consulting and auditing services in the IPO process for companies planning to go public, with support in the preparation of issue prospectuses
  • Consulting and accounting services for M&A transactions and transformations, including tax optimization services
  • Purchase Price Allocation in accordance with IFRS 3
  • Technical solutions for group consolidations
  • Support in the preparation of financial forecasts for listed companies.

We guarantee that our audits of financial statements will be carried out in accordance with procedures that meet the highest market standards. We provide our Clients with solutions that are consistent with current accounting, commercial and tax laws. We also give you added value in the form of reports, presentations and discussions of problems, opportunities and risks identified in the course of our work.

Improving efficiency

Our role does not end with auditing the financial statements. We will support you in solving any business problems you might have. Businesses that are considering the various development options and intend to enhance to the value of their ventures, e.g. by seeking the funding, IPOs or entering the NewConnect market, must make critical decisions that may have a significant impact on many aspects of the planned processes, including the future value of the enterprise.

We have developed an advisory optimisation package to achieve optimal balance sheet and tax structure of the project, while minimizing the risk of the whole process. Our proprietary and proven solutions include specialized accounting, taxation, transaction, legal and valuation services. We would like to point out that tax services are provided under the TPA brand name

Some of our services included in the package are as follows:

  • Analysis of the current, tax, legal, and financial/accounting situation of the company/group
  • Preparation, from tax, legal and financial (IFRS or PSR) side, of the optimal (variant) ultimate business structure with calculation and presentation of tax and financial (balance sheet) benefits achieved on process completion
  • Preparation of valuations necessary for the implementation of the process
  • Preparation of preliminary balance sheets and income statements showing the financial standing and result of the company/group after completion of the optimization process with estimation of benefits
  • Support in the restructuring process with respect to all accounting, tax and legal issues until completion of the process.

By using our optimization package or some of its elements, you can benefit, for an all-in fee, from professional and comprehensive services provided by a single consultant, while significantly reducing the costs and streamlining the entire process.

Other services

We work with our Clients and provide useful solutions in areas such as:

  • Due diligence, vendor due diligence and valuation of companies
  • IPO – advice and support for companies planning to go public
  • Procedures for managing and optimizing the use of resources
  • IFRS implementation and preparation of a comprehensive financial reporting set in compliance with IFRS
  • Monitoring the financial situation of companies to maintain the funding from banks and other institutions
  • Business consulting in finance and accounting matters, including verifications of merger, division or transformation plans
  • Advising on the restructuring of enterprises (with participation of specialists from Corporate Finance team)
  • Risk management consulting and advising on internal control systems (to mitigate the risk of fraud)
  • Consulting and practical training in matters related to the Polish Accounting Act and IFRS.


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